Investigations are based on the client's specific needs relative to a specific incident that caused injury, or death and are often supplement by the client's internal efforts. The Tacticor approach consists of conducting on-site interviews by skilled investigators to verify that injury, or death was related to employment, obtain complete documentation of an incident, employment, or other factors, and to assess medical needs of injured personnel to ensure that proper medical treatment and ongoing medical care is provided and paid for.

Tacticor also provides strategic advice on internal investigations conducted by clients as requested. Document reviews, database searches and other processes to assess a situation and provide information needed to react and respond to critical incidents, which cause injury, or death around the world, can supplement these efforts.

Tacticor is capable of managing the investigative claims process in areas of the world that often lack the security, infrastructure and institutions to provide accurate and reliable information, often under the most challenging conditions, including war hostilities for defense contractors. Tacticor obtains, verifies and analyzes documentation to determine the nature of injury, or cause of death as it relates to employment, identifies beneficiaries and dependents of deceased employees for life insurance benefits, obtain birth and death certificates to support insurance claims benefits, obtain medical and autopsy, military and police incident reports that verify time and cause of injury, or death, and obtain witness statements, incident scene factual information, to include photographs, videos and other vital information providing causal relationship with employment. Tacticor works in partnership with clients, global partners, injured workers, employers, and medical providers to assist in the claims process by verifying factual information that is legally obtained with permission of the injured worker, beneficiary, employer, or government departments. Tacticor Does Not conduct fraud or surveillance investigations in any country on any U.S., or foreign person.

Tacticor provides the following Investigative Services on behalf of clients and customers to speed the claims process:

  • Accident
  • Injury
  • Death
  • Alive & Well Checks
  • Dependency
  • Document Authentication
  • Employment
  • Medical Records
  • Translation Services
  • Settlement Agreements