We Are A U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Owned, Montana Based Company Dedicated To The Shooting & Hunting Sports Communities.


Committed to Provide The Most Consistent & Reliable Reconditioned Brass Cases For The Dedicated Marksman and Reloading Community At The Lowest Prices, With Guaranteed Satisfaction.


Our Reconditioned Brass Includes the Best Manufactured Pistol and Rifle Cases (Lapua, Norma, Peterson, Hornady, et al), Including Many Hard to Find & Dangerous Game Calibers.


High Quality Once-Fired Brass is Collected from Known and Trusted Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian Shooting Facilities And Returned To Factory Specifications Using Commercial Grade Sizing Equipment To Ensure Consistency Of Each Casing.


Our Reconditioning Process Returns The Brass Case to Like New Condition Using SAAMI Specifications Delivering Excellent Performance.

Tactical Ordnance – TACTICOR, LLC supplies reconditioned brass for commercial and recreational reloading.  Our systems sort and process hundreds of thousands of brass cartridges for ammunition reloading.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality fully segregated brass to meet the rigorous demands of reloaders.  We maintain a large inventory of fully segregated and processed rifle and pistol casings which enables us to ship large quantities of most calibers within quick time frames.  Due to the massive amount of reloadable brass cartridges, we sort through, we can provide many hard-to-find calibers.  

California has recently passed a law regarding sales of ammunition.  We would like to note that California residents are able to buy reloading components online.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Our Customers Have the Choice of Purchasing Primers with Their Order. Primers Not Sold Separately.

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