Pistol Brass

All Pistol Brass has been collected directly from known and trusted Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian ranges and is offered Cleaned, Washed & Polished and ready for processing and reloading.   Our 9mm, and .45 ACP Large Primer Pocket Brass is also offered partially or fully or Processed.  Partially processed means Cleaned, Washed & Polished, Roll Sized and Deprimed.  Fully processed means Cleaned, Washed and Polished including Primer Pockets, Roll Sized, Deprimed, Swaged, and Full Sized.  Processed Brass is returned to SAAMI specifications and Ready to Load and Shoot!  Our processed brass has been inspected and tested after reloading with no malfunctions if reloaded correctly and within proper tolerances.  It is the responsibility of the re-loader to inspect each brass cartridge prior to reloading and to reload in a safe manner.  

For the most popular calibers primers are offered only in 1,000 increments and only to customers of the corresponding amount and type of our brass casings.