Veteran Owned Montana Based Company


Located in the beautiful and scenic Bitterroot Valley of Southwestern Montana, the 7,200 square feet of manufacturing, storage, and distribution facilities of Tactical Ordnance – TACTICOR LLC, produces the highest quality reconditioned brass casings for the reloading community.  Our brass inventory is Received, Sorted, Dry Media Cleaned, Polished, Ultrasonic Cleaned, Washed, Dried, Roll Sized, Deprimed, Processed and thoroughly Inspected to the highest standards - SAAMI specifications. Our brass is shipped to our customers in Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor - VCI Bags.  Customers may close/reseal these bags for continued use against rust and corrosion for a period of 2-3 years. 

As “Gun Fighters,” Tacticor realizes that hand loaded ammunition is more accurate and less expensive than mass produced factory ammunition. And it all starts with the ammo’s casing!  The goal of our product is consistency and reliability, so that customers may develop the highest degree of proficiency with their weapon systems.  It is the investment of constant practice that develops one’s skill, which transfers to success on the range, at competition, in the field, and for home defense.  To develop the necessary skill set, we must have access to quantities of affordable quality ammunition.  Otherwise, firearms training is cost prohibitive and skills will perish.   

Tacticor members have decades of Military, Law Enforcement, Security and Big Game Hunting experience.  The Managing Director is a former Recon Marine, FBI Special Agent/Legal Attaché, and International Security Professional having conducted numerous combat related operations & missions in high risk/high threat areas of the world.  As Instructor’s, Tacticor personnel have taught members of elite Law Enforcement and Military Units preparing them for combat.  While others play golf on the weekend, Tacticor is on the range, or in the field applying “weopons trade craft” by determining what ammunition, weapons, and equipment function best in "real world" scenarios.  

It is a rare breed of individual who seeks out adventure and follows wherever it may go.  Cold nights and crisp mountain air is what we seek!  With only the reward of locating a worthy mature animal, we have long waited to draw a tag for, we hike until our feet blister and our lungs seem about to burst.  We ride until our knees and backs can no longer stand to be in a saddle.  We Glass for hours until our eyes ache, or we fall asleep :)  Knowing we only have “one first shot” - it is with careful application of skills that we drop that animal “one shot - one kill” humanely, ethically and professionally.  It is this degree of commitment that has led us to produce the broadest range and finest cartridge casings and components available.  It is a pleasure to serve your reloading needs! Thank you for your business!