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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of your brass casings once fired?

We source all our casings from military, law enforcement and civilian ranges. We inspect, clean and process all brass, but there is never a way to ensure every case is 100% once fired. Once Fired is an Industry term for already fired brass and not necessarily meant to mean that any particular brass casing has been only fired once.

What are your shipping Fees? 

Tacticor includes Fee Shipping with all Orders.  Nor do we charge customers Hazmat fees when primers our purchased with our brass casings.  We pay the HAZMAT for our customers. 

How do I check if a specific product is in stock?

We update our stock frequently, all the products currently visible in our store and note whether a particular product is in or out of stock.  If you need to purchase large wholesale quantities please contact us directly for availability.  Customer's can also contact or call us to determine if a product is in stock.

Does your rifle brass have crimped primers?

Yes, some of our rifle brass does come with crimped primers due to the sourcing of our products.  If you order 5.56/.223 or .308/7.62 x 51 and other military calibers, then you may get some brass that has crimped primers and some that do not.  If the brass has been fully processed the crimp has already been removed.

How long does my order take to Ship?

We normally ship all orders on the following Friday, or Saturday after an order is placed.  Our policy is to ship within 5 business days of an order being received..  Each order is shipped USPS priority flat rate mail and generally takes 2-3 business days to process. Due to the nature of some products, we also ship orders via UPS, or FedEx.  However, during times of high-volume demands, shipping times can be delayed.  Refer to our home page for any notices about shipping lead times.  We always send a USPS/UPS/FEDEX tracking number via email to you when we ship your order.  If there are any issues, or questions regarding shipping please do not hesitate to contact us.    

Which brass casings should be annealed?

Annealing is only used on rifle cartridges, as pistol rounds do not have necks. Annealing does not need to be done every time.  Annealing helps soften and work the brass.  Under normal conditions a brass piece needs to be annealed after every 2-3 reloads.

Should annealing be done before or after resizing?

Annealing should always be done before resizing. This eliminates spring back and ensures repeatable and accurate shoulder bumping and neck sizing. Annealing should be done every other reload or two to extend the life of the brass.  

Do you roll size cartridges?  

Yes, we roll size all of our 9mm, .223/5/56, .45 ACP and .308/7.62 brass if it is ordered partially or fully processed.  This is because pistol brass will bulge when fired.  Rifle brass will not normally bulge, but if it is fired from an automatic, or belt fed weapon the brass may also bulge. Thus, we roll size the rifle brass too.

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