For our 9mm, .45 ACP, .223/5.56 and .308/7.62 calibers, primers are available only in amounts of 1,000 or more to purchasers of the corresponding caliber of brass casings.  No casings = No primers for these calibers.  For purchasers of our rifle hunting brass we require a minimum purchase of 100 pieces of brass for an equivalent number of primers.  For example 200 brass casings = 200 primers maximum.  In this manner we ensure that primers are not hoarded and that all customers have an equivalent amount of primers for their brass.  For repeat customers, we do not require a brass purchase for additional primers since brass is used multiple times.  However, we will limit the primers to the amount of the orginal purchase.  Primers are shipped via UPS and Hazmat fees do not apply.  We pay the Hazmat for you.  However, we have a flat $25.00 shipping and handling fee on any single order of brass, primers, or bullets regardless of the amount.  If any questions please send us an email for clarification.